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Uriel, the epitome of faith and steadfastness, is a revered archangel in God's divine council. For two millennia, he has stood as Gideon's unwavering guardian against the malevolent forces of the unseen realm. As Gideon's advisor and protector, he unveils the mysteries of the fallen realm, bridging the tangible and the ethereal. Though exuding authority in an earthly guise, Uriel's true form radiates extraordinary power and glory. In "Gideon: Uprising," Uriel stands as the foremost adversary against the fallen angel Abruzial and his master, the Watcher Samael. His unyielding resolve and formidable might make him a beacon of hope against the encroaching darkness.

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Samael, once a revered Watcher in God's Divine Council, spiraled into rebellion by breeding the Nephilim with earthly women. The archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel were tasked with imprisoning the rogue Watchers in the Great Abyss until the final judgment by God. Samael's cunning, however, led to an escape, striking a pact with Lucifer to

serve him. Yet, Samael's

treachery knew no bounds,

as he turned against Satan,

seeking authority over

Earth's nations from the

other Fallen Watchers and Archangels who defied God.

His ceaseless machinations aim to expedite the apocalypse, wage

war on Heaven, and seize

ultimate dominion over all

creation, a malevolent

force at the heart of


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NYPD Detective Valerie Devine, a decorated officer yearning for purpose, grapples with horrifying, demonic visions. Investigating a gruesome murder, a cryptic vision shatters her identity. A brutal encounter with the fallen angel Abruzial reveals a malevolent force beyond her grasp. In her darkest hour, Valerie crosses paths with the immortal warrior Gideon. Together, they face Abruzial's demonic horde, Gideon guiding Valerie toward self-discovery. In "GIDEON: UPRISING," Valerie's journey intertwines with Gideon's, battling the evil that threatens their world. As she unveils untapped strength, Valerie evolves from a determined detective into a vital force against darkness, finding her true identity in the chaos.

Valerie Devine

Abruzial, the fallen angel once known as Zaphiel, embodies a paradoxical existence. Sworn to Samael, one of the Fallen Watchers, he rebels against God, dedicated

to hastening the world's demise. A persistent adversary to Gideon's mission, Abruzial tirelessly strives

to unleash the malevolent forces lurking beyond human perception. His inner turmoil breeds doubt, testing his unwavering allegiance

to Samael's cause. In his treacherous journey, he grapples with both the malevolent dominions that rule the earth and his nemesis, the archangel Uriel. Abruzial's intricate duality—loyal to Samael yet battling his own uncertainties—creates a formidable, enigmatic figure at the heart of

the apocalyptic struggle in


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In a climactic clash between the powers of heaven and the dominions of hell, the fallen angels conspire to expedite the apocalyptic end, seeking to plunge the world into unbridled chaos. Witnessing this grave peril, the celestial realms rally and anoint a champion, GIDEON, who is charged with the daunting task of confronting the unleashed forces of hell. Gideon, the immortal champion, bears the weight of over two millennia of

strife, a living legend in every

major conflict.

A master of warfare,

his skills span martial arts,

tactics, and guerrilla warfare.

His wisdom encompasses world history and the intricacies of humanity. Tasked by heaven as the "Tip of the Spear," he confronts encroaching darkness. Yet, after millennia, doubt gnaws at him. Despite God's benevolence, evil's surge troubles his soul. Resolute but weary, Gideon grapples with cynicism, questioning the impact of his ceaseless battle. As cracks form in his resolve, the indomitable hero faces his most formidable adversary yet: doubt within himself.

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Mario Ruiz, a seasoned artist and writer with over three decades of professional experience, has carved a remarkable niche in the creative industries of advertising, retail, publishing, and gaming. His journey as an artist is a testament to his unwavering passion for storytelling through art. Mario's latest venture, the graphic novel GIDEON: UPRISING, represents the culmination of his artistic prowess. With this project, he invites readers on an enthralling journey, combining gripping narratives with awe-inspiring art.


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